The landscape of church in America can be funny. Different denominations, different styles, different people… It can be tough to discern what’s the best fit for your family. Here at Encounter Church, our desire for you is simple: we have endeavored to provide a place where meeting and worshipping Jesus Christ is easy, safe, dependable, and restful.

If you choose to visit with us, we know it’s a risk, but one we hope you’ll take. Our service begins by being intentionally relational, as it is our desire to do life together. In worship, we seek to facilitate an intimate atmosphere where Jesus Christ is glorified. Our biblically based time of teaching and preaching, emphasizes practical truths for challenging you in your life’s journey.

Our experience so far confirms that keeping these things simple, provides a great opportunity for encountering Jesus Christ. We invite you to take a simple step of faith and encounter God with us.

Sunday at 10:00am